Nestled within a magnificent mountaintop in the heart of Baras, PUNTA DE FABIAN is one of Rizal's premier resorts, and offers exclusivity and luxury in a sophisticated yet friendly environment. It is just 90 minutes drive from Manila.

Elegantly decorated in Filipino-zen style, all superbly appointed lakefront suites and guest rooms are equipped with first-class features and amenities.

The 3-hectare resort offers a wide selection of sports and recreational facilities including a boracay-sand kid's playground. The lagoon-shaped pool and jacuzzi provides a unique and luxurious environment of relaxation.

The Story Behind Punta De Fabian Resort

Its history is her story. The success and promise of what Punta De Fabian Resort can offer is not solely based on its amenities and panoramic scenery, both of which are factors that most resorts all over the country only offer.

More than its physical beauty and strategic location, or what it can show, there is also something worth listening and reading. It has a poignant and touching story to tell.

Its history or how it all started is a fascinating tale about the founder's personal quest and pursuit for health, serenity and a sense of fulfillment of leaving behind a legacy in her maturing years.

Nurture leads to nature. Before it all started, at that point in time, the founder Madame Teresita Fabian Pamintuan was recuperating from her breast cancer operation. While she was maintaining her doctor's advice and morale support from close friends like former First Lady Dr. Luisa "Loi" Ejercito Estrada, she was actually nursing herself, at least spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

In short, she was nurturing herself, knowing fully well that one's own body or nature has the capability of spontaneous self-healing. Restoring to self-nurture led her naturally to appreciate the beauty of nature around her.

Plagued with a debilitating disease that poised the possible threat of death, which she had to face squarely but bravely, Madame Teresita reflected a lot on life. She then promised herself she would do something to make her life meaningful, if ever she hurdled this ordeal and struggle with the Big C.

This led her to commune with nature a lot and to find wonderful places. For her, seeing and experiencing nature's beauty were indeed therapeutic.

A site worth the sight. This led her at one time to the site, which somehow mesmerized and fascinated her to no end. Romantically, it was a classic case of "Love at First Sight".

The location was a property with verdant vegetation around perched on top of a hill in Baras town of Rizal. It is overlooking the Sierra Madre and the grand lake of Laguna de Bay, an expanse that makes you feel so close to the open skies above, giving one a feel of being in heaven. From that time on, she never stopped visiting the place and decided to buy the property in 1995.

Originally, she built in 1995 a private vacation house for her family, which she called "Villa Teresita". It is a three-hectare family resort, whose original structures were first made from traditional native building materials like bamboo and nipa.

Heal on the hill. The rest house became more than a vacation house. It served as a retreat house, where its founder Madame Teresita sought solace while recovering from breast cancer. It was a place were she retreated, away from the busting and polluted life of Metro Manila.

First lady Dr. Loi Etrada, enlisted her to become "MARE" member, that gave her the opportunity to help others, especially the less privileged. "Kung ano ang hiling ni First Lady Loi ay nakatulong sa healing ko," (First Lady Loi's request or "Hiling" to do public service actually contributed to her healing process), she explains.

"It was the former First Lady Loi Estrada who opened the door for me to do missionary work," she narrates, recalling Loi Estrada's words "You can do it," which serves as her inspiration to carry on and do her charitable work. As a cancer survivor, she continuously thanks the Lord by serving the less fortunate.

And her rest house on the hill became the perfect place to pray and plan for her programs to help the less fortunate people who wanted to heal their wounds, ailments, both physical and emotional.

The place, which served an important staging ground for her new found vocation of serving others, was simply used as a jump-off site for her medical and dental missions and relief good distributions, which also mobilized the support and donations of her friends who rallied behind her cause.

And little did she know that Villa Teresita was already transforming itself from being her personal place of refuge and rejuvenation to a place of relaxation for others.

Premiere resort evolves. Increasingly, not only their family friends but many others wanted to spend their vacations and weekends at Villa Teresita. It slowly transformed from a private vacation house into a resort patronized by a discriminating high-end crowd of friends, relatives and their friends. By mid 2005 due to mounting demand, she was forced to convert the vacation house into a first class resort.

She then renamed the place Punta De Fabian Resort. Soon after, new facilities were constructed. And today, it has a track record of having hosted many sumptuous parties and events.

Word of mouth quickly spread about this elegant and exclusive resort, which has catapulted Punta De Fabian's image into the map for discriminating vacationers and travelers. Since then and over the past years, it has achieved a remarkable full house occupancy rate and has sealed its reputation as a premier resort for honeymooners, families and corporate entities. The resort has become a favorite venue for celebrations, corporate activities and family relaxations.

For Madame Teresita Fabian Pamintuan, a beauty herself even in her maturing years is proud to offer her place that remains a hidden beauty, inside out. It is a place that beckons outsiders that to appreciate and discover its inner beauty and quiet splendor, people have to really see and experience what Punta De Fabian resort can offer.

Mission Statement

Punta de Fabian shares its company mission:

To honor God through commitment to personal growth, excellence in service, and dedication to clients.